18:00 / 13 Sep, Taverna Brillo

Innovation on the Menu – Taverna Brillo

At innovation on the menu you will enjoy a full course menu together with amazing people and great conversations. Every seating will, have a theme focus and a moderator. This is the perfect way to continue the conversations of Gather out on the best restaurants in Stockholm. Reserve your seat and enjoy the conversation (no ticket required).

Taverna Brillo is a one-of-a-kind, modern brasserie in central Stockholm. In addition to the restaurant and bars there is a marketplace with a pizzeria, a flower shop and an ice cream shop. The venue is open from early morning to late evening and is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or just a drink. The menu is inspired by the Italian kitchen and the venue is characterized by outstanding Swedish interior design.

Theme: Future of Sustainability

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What is Gather?
Gather is a two day conference based on 5 core themes broken down into theme sessions with inspiring on stage discussions and box talks. Pair these with our Innovation Labs and pepper with one-of-a-kind activities like our Innovation On the Menu initiative or the city wide Gather Music Festival lineup.
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