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08:00 / 13 Sep, The Hall

Meditation and laser check in with Bikash and Timothy Wilson

Start your Gather journey by checking in mentally and physically. Together with Bikash Archarya you will join a hour of meditation and mindfulness therapy in a room created by the visual laser designer Timothy Wilson and his Laser Appropriation installation.

At 08.00, on the first day of Gather we will start with a joint group meditation, lead by Bikash. During this whole session, artist Timothy Wilson will enhance our mindfulness experience with a laser appropriation.
Bikash Acharya, file. mag. in psychology, Leg. KBT psychotherapist, has great experience
of working with stress, concern, anxiety and depression. He researches around stress and
burnout issues at Karolinska Institutet. He also gives mindfulness-based KBT group therapy.
Not yet an absolute figure in the context we usually call the art scene, Timothy Wilson operates in the borderlands between light design, sculpture and performance. This brings him a measure of
independence as well as determination. Shown previously at Gallery Belenius, Swedish Museum of Performing Arts and ”Söderderdepån 2041” in Södermalm a run down old central garage and workshop for the city’s public transportation buses.

What is Gather?
Gather is a two day conference based on 5 core themes broken down into theme sessions with inspiring on stage discussions and box talks. Pair these with our Innovation Labs and pepper with one-of-a-kind activities like our Innovation On the Menu initiative or the city wide Gather Music Festival lineup.
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