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06:00 / 14 Sep, The Hall


Yoga and dance in the morning

If you love to wake up to a groovy disco, then we got something for you! It’s the American have-a-lot-of-fun-in-the-morning concept DAYBREAKER that’s back in town and this time at Gather and Nobelberget. The morning will start with a yoga session and then continue with a mystery dj giving us some really energetic beats. Expect a Futuristic Discotech!

Free for all with Gather tickets!

The dance party starts at 07.00, but if you feel like warming up first we got yoga for you at 06.00.

Sign if you up here if you don’t have a Gather ticker but still want to join Daybreaker. 

Bring your own yoga mat if you got one! There will be a few on site.

What is Gather?
Gather is a two day conference based on 5 core themes broken down into theme sessions with inspiring on stage discussions and box talks. Pair these with our Innovation Labs and pepper with one-of-a-kind activities like our Innovation On the Menu initiative or the city wide Gather Music Festival lineup.
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