Conference, Democracy & Power

10:00 / 14 Sep, The Warehouse

Democratic Movements

Speakers: Ibrahim Nehme, Ahmed Abdirahman, Lisa Lindström, Minea Frykman, Maria Fabricius, Farida Al-Abani, Abass El-Hage, Klara Riddermark, Omar Al Zankah, Christina Knight - What can be learned from successfull democratic grassroot movements and the role of tech and the internet in amplifying them?

Democracy as we know it is going through a crisis. A transformation of sorts. In this session, we will discuss what this means for the modern society. What will be the role of politicians, grassroot movements and the Internet? What works and what doesn’t work? Which are the largest threats moving forward?

Panel: “The Future of Democracy”

Moderator: Larry Madowo – Business Editor BBC Africa

Ibrahim Nehme – Founder & Editor in Chief of The Outpost

Ahmed Abdirahman – Economic-political Expert

Lisa Lindström – Co-founder & CEO Doberman

Minea Frykman – Headmaster at Höj Rösten School for Politicians


Panel: “Digital grassroot movements and the young generation”

Maria Fabricius – Creative Director & Co-Founder at Number10

Farida Al-Abani – Coordinator on Feminist Initiative

Abass El-Hage – co-founder of HIZZ

Klara Riddermark – Marketing Manager Signal Signal

Omar Al Zankah – Brand Ambassador Welcome App

Christina Knight – Creative Director & Author



Andrea Reuter

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