Music Festival

23:59 / 14 Sep, Häktet

Lukas Lundh (live)

Livingroom Sounds

Martin Seipel from Häktet:

“I met Lukas almost a year ago now. We had an instant connection, talking about music, production, drum-machines, synthesizers, sounds and filosophy.
His thoughts on music and his ways of making it were very similar to mine and we instantly started to exchange our own productions with each other,
giving feedback and swapping thoughts and ideas.

It took me about ten seconds, listening to one of Lukas tracks to hear and understand the complexity and the genius in his productions.
They are daring, bold, fresh and inspiring, dark and moody, sweet and beautiful, hard and fast, smooth and melancholic.

I dare to say that i think of Lukas as one of the most aspiring producers in Sweden right now, and that is why i decided to book him to play a live-set
on the 14th of september.

He uses a variety of instruments, from cymbals to synthesizers, combining them with his voice and some outboard effects.
One could probably (if one really must label his music) call it ambient electronic nupunk infused with some jazz and techno.”

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