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10:00 / 14 Sep, TBA


The Future of Music Rights (Gather Ticket Required - Register Here).

Before the digitalization the music industry had a robust business model that had stayed unchanged for decades. Music was sold to consumers as products and the revenue share between the different actors was fixed. Since then the industry has been through years of transformation led by new technologies, shifting consumer habits and new stakeholders taking place in an ever changing ecosystem.


During this two-hour lab we aim to map out a path leading forward to finally answer the question: “How can future music services create value for all?”


We will start off by giving context and a historical background, the major traditional roles within the music business as well as preconditions like copyright laws. Then we will dive into the quest of finding answers and solutions to challenges such as: Who are the stakeholders in the new music market? How could everyone involved get a fair share of the revenue? How is the competition on the market and what, if any, are the obstacles for new players to enter? Do old patterns hold us back? Throughout the lab we will keep our main target close to mind.


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