14:00 / 13 Sep, TBA

The 24h City

Atrium Ljungberg (Gather Ticket Required - Register Here).

How do we build attractive urban spaces that are accessible, dynamic and safe 24/7? What lessons and knowledge can we learn from other European metropolises, and how can these tools be applied in our own cities? In this fast pace innovation sprint, we will apply knowledge and working methods to similar challenges to cities in Sweden.


During this year’s Almedalen program, Atrium Ljungberg sat down in an innovation lab with invited guests from key positions to investigate the theme: “How do we create the most attractive urban spaces in Europe?”. This time Atrium Ljungberg wants to focus on one of the key areas that emerged in the lab – the 24 hour city. The object of the lab is to learn from what has previously been done, in Sweden and abroad, and how the most effective methods can be applied when we are developing, planning and building urban spaces

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