Conference, Humans & Machines

11:00 / 13 Sep, The Glass House

There’s An App For That

Speakers: Hoa Ly, Malin Sjöstrand, Jimale Mohamed, Therese Mannheimer, Bonnie Roupé, Sara Wimmerkranz, Sofia Breitholtz - How do we build apps that make a real difference and encourage awareness?

There’s an app for everything. But in times of increased awareness and Time Well Spent, how do we build apps that are truly useful, sustainable and take the wellbeing of the users into account, rather than maximize usage? Welcome to a session that will address all of these questions and more.


Panel on Fem Tech

Therese Mannheimer – Co-Founder

Bonnie Roupé –Founder Bonzun

Sara Wimmerkranz – Tech Entrepreneur & Investor

Sofia Breitholtz – CEO of Reach for Change



Hoa Ly – Founder of SHIM

Malin Sjöstrand – Founder of SCRIIN

Jimale Mohamed – Founder Ari Farm



Leila Trulsen

What is Gather?
Gather is a two day conference based on 5 core themes broken down into theme sessions with inspiring on stage discussions and box talks. Pair these with our Innovation Labs and pepper with one-of-a-kind activities like our Innovation On the Menu initiative or the city wide Gather Music Festival lineup.
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